“The House Jazz Band for Mulberry Music Group”

“Known for its’ Memorable Originals”

Breathe is the house jazz band for The Mulberry Music Group, with very meticulously selected musicians invited to participate. It is fronted by Brian Choper (drums) of Mulberry Music, and is managed by two different Music Directors (Eugene Chapman and Lou Durham), depending on the repertoire mix and if the band is playing in the DC area or up north. Outside of their management roles, Eugene Chapman covers saxophone in the band, and Lou Durham plays keys, with additional instrumentalists on guitar and bass and an optional female vocalist when appropriate. The music is straight ahead jazz and jazz standards, but the sound can also be mixed with smooth jazz and admittedly, some rock. The band is also known for its’ memorable originals. Because of the level of musicianship associated here, this is a band that is incredibly flexible to all genres of music and can therefore cater to the requests of any listening audience.

Breathe has been asked to perform as the official band at the prestigious
Homewood Suites in Washington DC for all pre-game parties for National’s Park. Come party with the band with VIP’s from the park while enjoying a 5 star pre-game dinner. Dancing allowed.

“Catering to the Requests of any Listening Audience”

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