“Complex Improv”

“Featuring the Music of The Brecker Brothers & Step Ahead”

Breckerville is a unique jazz sextet formed in 2012 which is dedicated to celebrating the music of The Brecker Brothers, trumpeter composer Randy and the late great saxophonist Michael and the other “super groups” they pioneered. The band consists of six veteran players Bob Ferguson trumpet & flugelhorn, Carl Cox tenor saxophone, Vic Stevens drums, Andy Lalasis acoustic & electric bass, Matthew McCloskey guitar, Demetrios Pappas keyboards.
Breckerville performs compositions by Randy & Michael Brecker, The Brecker Brothers and Steps Ahead. The incredible talent and versatility of the musicians of the Jazz Rock Fusion era in American Music (late 1960’s into the 1990’s) collectively transcended the boundaries of contemporary Jazz forever. We continue to push the musical boundaries by embellishing on the complex improvisational, rhythmic, and harmonic writings through Jazz educational events and live performances.

“Contemporary Jazz at its Best!”

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