``Murk is aggressively making his mark as one of the greats”

“Lyrics That Assasinate the Competition”

Theodore D. Lee aka Lt. Murk, was born July 8, 1989 in Baltimore, MD. As a young man, Lt. Murk showed great admiration for Hip Hop icons such as Tupac, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Drake,
Jadakiss, Meek Millz, Nicki Minaj and his all-time favorite LL Cool J. When Tupac hit the charts with “Brenda’s Got A Baby”, Lt. Murk began showing a strong interest in one day performing on stage and making hit music that people could enjoy. He was a natural at stealing the attention of his peers and lyrically assassinating his competition in the process. Next to his love for music, Lt. Murk is always eager to give back to his community, his friends and his family.
Lt. Murk enjoys playing sports such as football, basketball and rollerskating with his family and friends. If you’ve seen him on stage you would know that he is a true ladies man. Lt. Murk dedicated
numerous songs to his female fans, which include “Rocket Girl”, “Not That Easy”, “Can’t Be Without You”, and “Wanna Know U” To date Lt. Murk has performed at Escape Night Club in Baltimore, opened for Jadakiss at the 12 Lounge In Washington, DC as well as making appearances at several other
venues in the Maryland area. His mixtape  “Hand Ova The Crown” is said to be one of his best works. Lt. Murk is aggressively making his mark as
one of the greats, supported and backed by a dynamic team that’s ready for the world.

``Murk Will Steal the Show!``

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