“A nearly Perfect Sound!”

``His acute engineering ear will assuredly yield a nearly, if not perfect sound``

Miller Micheal is a native of Baltimore, MD who has been an industry professional in many capacities.He is a lover of all forms of music which began at the age of seven, when his beautiful, Native American Great-grandmother explained to him that his spirit needed freedom and expression and his lifelong profession should be in music or sports. This sage advice proved to be true, as he has pursued his undying love of music in many different forms over the years. His musical influences are: Kenny Loggins, James Taylor, Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, and Mint Condition.

Pitshandy (available on ITunes )Miller’s solo debut is infusions of Soul, Rock, R&B and Hip-hop, but you will be surprised to discover the display of his many talents throughout the length of the CD. He sang lead and background vocals, played keyboard and guitar and mixed the entire project all while writing or co-writing almost all of the songs recorded. His acute engineering ear will assuredly yield a nearly, if not perfect sound and seasoned veterans of the industry and music aficionados will appreciate his meticulous attention to detail.

“A Creative infusion of Soul, Rock, R&B and Hip-hop!”

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