Founded By Brian Choper and Miller Michael

The Mulberry Music Musician’s Network (MMMN) is a division of The Mulberry Music Group (TMMG). While TMMG works with TMMG signed bands to represent and find its artists shows and tours, MMMN is a network established by the same management to help member musicians not signed with the agency find good paying shows, help them advertise and sell the shows they book (whether or not those events are booked through the MMMN network or not), and to help them with certain promotional, business and legal situations. MMMN is here to help artists who might not have the experience or the resources needed to help them navigate this ever changing music landscape.

Supporting And Promoting Participating Live Music Venues:

The network also works with select live music venues, supporting them and the musicians that perform in them while providing recommendations as to which bands would be best to book in them. The Bands are vetted and chosen based on their professionalism, the genre of music suited to the venues, requests, and the bands’ ability to draw crowds, all of this helping the venue assure both profitability and a quality experience for its patrons.

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Benefits and Membership:

Membership is FREE FOR QUALIFIED VENUES TO JOIN. Membership with MMMN gives the venue an extra level of support in the areas of quality entertainment, added promotion, production support (if needed), and MMMN‘s dedication to the patrons of the venue to enjoy a great live musical experience, which would encourage them to return again and again. MMMN supports those venues that support live, instrumental music.

What the MMMN Does For Venues:

In today’s climate of hyper-communication, people are busy and more distracted, making entertainment choices more difficult, but there is nothing like a live interactive musical experience. When done right, a live music experience creates lasting memories.

MMMN has interviewed patrons from many venues and have asked them what they wanted in live musical entertainment, and here are the top 3 answers: A GOOD BAND, GREAT SOUND and INTERACTION WITH THE AUDIENCE.

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MMMN is here to help the venues and musicians do just that.

Let me explain. The MMMN actually supports musicians by helping them with some of the needed and important services that are usually out of reach for independent musicians. Managing these services takes knowledge and experience. MMMN has well over 30 years’ experience in these areas. These services include promotional, networking and advertising support. While supporting musicians with these services, the network screens the bands they perform with and offers promotional support to those we feel are excellent. Only a select number of bands make the cut.

Selected bands are rated based on the quality of their music and their performance, their professionalism, their ability to be on time to shows, and their ability to draw a crowd and make a venue money. As a live music performance venue, you are looking for bands that are reliable, professional, play great music, create positive spin for your venue and draw a crowd. By being a member of the MMMN, the network will provide you information on those bands we know will bring a crowd to your venue, and if you select the bands we recommend, we will help promote those shows. So for you and all involved, it’s a win-win!

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For you as a venue to be involved, all you need to do is join the network. FOR QUALIFIED VENUES, IT’S ACTUALLY FREE! Once you’ve done that, we will send you information on bands we believe would really sell well there, and if you select a suggestion, we will not only aggressively help you promote that show (showing you our good intentions and putting money where our mouth is), we will promote your venue as a venue interested in live instrumental music and will promote you all over the web and by word of mouth as a venue to frequent for live band performances. All you need to do is fill out the form to sign up and begin the journey!

We are here to help you as you support live instrumental music events!


Brian Choper, Drummer/Author/Manager of Mulberry Street/Owner of The Mulberry Music Group and Co-Founder of the MMMN

Miller Micheal, Artist/Singer/Composer/Writer/Arranger/Co-Founder of the MMMN

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