“You Gotta Hear this Sound!”

“A Plan to Change the Future of Music to Come!”

Platinum rap producer “Lemoyne (LA) Alexander” and former bass player “Ben Sticklen” of metal band “Black Thumb” and progressive rock band “A Negative Silence,” joins forces to form alternative rock band “S.o.G” “ST8 of GRACE.” The band’s music is focused on alternative and progressive rock, with narrative story telling vocals that give you goose bumps every time you hear them. Featuring today’s rappers and special guest artists for a blend and twist of modern culture. “IMMUNE” addresses themes like Infedelity” “Domestic Violence” “Betrayal” “Suicide” “Love and Self Awareness” and “Abortion” The album reaches people of all social groups and nationalities. S.o.G is one of the few interracial rock bands with a plan to change the future of music to come.

“Balancing the Worlds of Rock and Pop with Gusto and Sophistication”

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